Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Privacy Summary

We don’t ask you for any information we don’t need.

Your information is confidential with us. We don’t share anything with anyone we don’t have to. The only exceptions to this rule are:


  • If the law or any government authority requires us to
  • If a court mandate requires us to
  • If it is in the interest of our legal rights to do so
  • If you violate our terms of service agreement

Your information belongs to you. We do not claim your customer data, contacts, and quotes as our own.


At InTimeCRM, we care about your privacy. We will protect any information you share from theft, loss, misuse, damage, and unauthorized access. We will never sell, share, rent, or give your information to other organizations for commercial gain. Given this information, we must also state that InTimeCRM is not liable for any loss or damage as a result of hackers, thieves, pirates, and internet bad guys. We have taken the highest measures possible to ensure your information stays out of the wrong hands, but no data on the internet is 100% safe from potential threats.


Basic Information

To properly perform our services for you, we require the following:

  • Account holder’s name
  • Company
  • Email address

This information will allow us to provide you with smooth, error-free quoting software that is ready for immediate use. Your telephone number is optional, but recommended. If you have a promotional discount, it will also be required at the time of purchase.


Contacting InTimeCRM

When you contact InTimeCRM for questions or more information, we may save and store your contact information securely on our database for quality purposes.



InTimeCRM is a pay-as-you-go cloud-based application, which means, you pay only for what you use. We provide a free 30 day subscription to InTimeCRM, to let you understand the usability and simplicity of the application according to your requirements.


Monthly Plan Billing:

We have monthly plans for InTimeCRM, which are charged in advance for each month on a pay-as-you-go basis. The billing is done on the same day of each month on which you signed up for the plan. These plans are automatically renewed every month and you are billed on the renewal day of each month.

Annual Plan Billing:

InTimeCRM's yearly plans offer huge savings over month to month plans for customers that wish to pay for a full year ahead of time. Yearly plans consequently replenish on a yearly premise. You are charged once every year on that day and month on which you initially signed up for the service.



You have the privilege to access the InTimeCRM application and utilize the services for the full period you have paid for. There are no refunds provided for cancellation made before the end of the paid up yearly or month to month period. You can contact our support team for cancellation.


Free 30-day Trial:

For new accounts (i.e. Individual, Team, and Enterprise) InTimeCRM offers a free 30-day trial. You do not need to provide payment details, however your plan will terminate toward the end of the 30th day. In case you choose to provide the payment details, your first charge will happen toward the end of the 30th day after you initially sign up.


Failed Charges:

In case that InTimeCRM is unable to charge you through your credit card, your account enters the dunning process and you will be allotted a 15 day period to update your card information before the account suspension. Suspended accounts may be reactivated within a period of 6 months. If legitimate payment information is entered and we can effectively charge the card for all the account debits made since the failed charges. All unpaid accounts are erased following 180 days.


Security of Data:

At InTimeCRM, we make every effort to ensure your data is secure. For more information on data security, please feel free to contact us at


Cookies and Third Parties

Like just about every other website, InTimeCRM uses Cookies. Rest assured, the data we collect from you is safe, and we don’t share it or sell it. Cookies allow us to understand how you use our application; and by analyzing the data we gather, provide you a better product.


InTimeCRM Correspondence

We may send you appealing promotions, special offers, newsletters, and other valuable information about your service.

You may choose not to receive this correspondence at any time. This will not affect your current service in any way.


Maintenance Updates

Sometimes we need to tweak a few things on our site. You may get declarative correspondence for site maintenance, so you know in advance. We will also post a service announcement beforehand, so you are aware of the downtime.


Experience Feedback:

In order to make your experience the best we can, we may reach out and ask how we’re doing. Our goal is to learn from your feedback, and improve our service to you.


Questions & Comments:

Please reach out with any questions or comments you have about InTimeCRM, or the Privacy Policy stated above. We can be reached at:

+1 (208) 780-5249

+1 (208) 258-2424

+91 (141) 402-7370