Dashboard shows a summary of your activity on InTimeCRM, and gives you an inside look on your recent quote activity. The dashboard is also the InTimeCRM home page.


The dashboard has various sections providing all the information you need to track your sales.

Sales in Pipeline

Here you can track winning quotes, pending quotes, and the pending and generated revenues from the associated quotes.


The Income section shows the total revenue generated from all the invoices. The pending revenue from the invoices that are still open or overdue are also displayed in this section.

Sales Funnel

This section displays the earnings from different lead sources. The pie chart shows the earnings through the lead sources in percentage. The number between the parenthesis represents the number of sales opportunities that are associated with a particular lead source. Click on a lead source to show/hide the percentage revenue generated through the sales opportunities associated with it.


Pending Tasks

This section displays the list of tasks that are marked as pending. You can mark a task as completed from this section directly, eliminating the need to navigate to the Tasks tab.

Expiring Quotes & Outstanding Payment

Quotes that are about to expire are shown in the Expiring Quotes tab. This gives you a sales opportunity to follow up with customers that have received quotes. You can send them reminders about their sales quote through InTimeCRM in order to improve your chances of winning the quote. You can select the number of days left for a quote to expire from the Quotes Expiring in drop-down list.

The Outstanding Payment tab gives you the pending payment records from various invoices. You can select the number of days from the Payment(s) Due in drop-down to display the records for a specific duration.


Account Basics

Viewing Quotes

Editing Quotes