How to Apply Taxes Globally?

To apply taxes globally:

  1. In the left Navigational Column, click the Products tab and select Tax Settings.

  2. In the Tax Settings page, follow the steps shown in the image below.

Tax Settings

By enabling the taxes in the Tax Settings page, the taxes get applied globally across InTimeCRM.

Note: When you click on the Save button for a particular tax, the tax and the tax value is displayed but it is not in the enabled state.

Save and Apply

There can be situations when you import bulk of items together. It becomes very cumbercome to apply taxes to each and every item individually. The Save & Apply option lets you easily apply taxes to multiple items simultaneously.

  1. In the Tax Settings page, under the Taxes section, click the Save & Apply button for the tax that you want to apply globally.

    Tax Settings

  2. To select all the items to apply the tax, in the Apply Taxes window, under the Item Name column, select the checkbox next to the Item Name column heading.


    You can select each item individually for applying the tax.

    Tax Settings

    The results that appear in a single page can be set through the Show result per page drop-down list.

    Note: A minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100 results per page can be viewed on one page.

    To show more quotes on the page, use the Results per Page drop-down list.

  3. Click the Apply button.

    The tax is applied to the selected items globally in InTimeCRM.

Tax Settings