How Do I Change Stage in a Pipeline?

To change stages in a pipeline:

  1. In the left Navigational Column, click the Sales Opportunities tab.

    The Sales Opportunities page displays the list of all the existing sales opportunities in the Search Sales Opportunities section.

    Sales Opportunities

  2. Under the Sales Opportunity Name column, click a sales opportunity to view the details.

  3. In the Sales Opportunities page, under the Pipeline Name section, click the Change Stage button.

    Change Stage Button

  4. In the Change Pipeline Stage Window, from the Stage drop down menu, select a different stage for the pipeline.

    Change Stage Button

  5. In the Activity Set Start Date field, change the activity set start date.

    Note: You can assign a task to a different user by selecting a user under the Assigned To column.

  6. Click the Save button.

    The pipeline stage is now changed.

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