How to Add a Custom Section under Template?

A custom section is a section in a template where additional fields like terms and conditions, personal information, promotional offers, and so on can be set. There can be five custom sections under a template. A custom section can be set while creating a template or editing a template.

Note: Disabling any section from a template will remove it from an existing quote or invoice also. You cannot disable custom sections from a particular quote or invoice; they can only be disabled from the template.

To add custom sections in a template:

  1. In the left Navigational Column, click the Sales tab and then click Templates.

  2. Click New Template.

    New Template

  3. In the Templates section, enter a name for the new template in the Template Name field.


  4. Under Custom Section, click Add.

    Add Custom Section

  5. Under New Section, in the Section Heading field, type the name of the section, and in the Text field, type the description of the section.

    New Section

  6. To add the custom section, click the Save button. The custom section is now added.

  7. To disable the custom section from appearing in the quote or invoice, click Disable.

    Disable New Section

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