How Do I Delete All the Items from the List of Items?

When there is a need to delete all the items, one by one deletion makes the job really slow and tiring. Mass deletion is a new feature where you can select multiple items for deletion. This simplifies your task by reducing the time and effort required to select each item for deletion.

To delete all the item from the list of items:

  1. In the left Navigational Column, click the Products tab and select Items.

    The Items page displays the list of items according to the category selected.


  2. From the Category drop down menu, select a category of items.

    Select Category

  3. Select the check box next to the Name column.

    All the items that are present in this category are selected.

    Select Category

  4. Click the More Actions button and select Delete.

  5. In the pop-up window, click the OK button.

    All the items under the selected category are now deleted from InTimeCRM.

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