How Do I Edit Taxes Value?

Taxes value can be changed for a particular item and for the items added in the quote.

Approach A

To edit the tax value of the items added in the quote:

  1. In the left Navigational Column, click Sales tab and then click Quotes.

    The Quotes page appears with a list of quotes in the My Quotes section.

    My Quotes

  2. Click the link Under the Quote ID column to view details of the quote whose tax value needs to be changed.

  3. Under the Item section, click Edit.

    Edit Tax

    Note: You can duplicate, download, email, or edit the quotes from the Quote page.

    For more information, refer to Duplicating Quotes, Generating Quotes in PDF, Emailing Quotes to Customers, and Editing Quotes.

  4. Under Tax column, click the tax value link.

  5. In the Tax Summary pop-up window, edit the tax values in the fields provided.

    Tax Summary

    Note: To make changes for tax value of other items, you can click on the tax value link similarly. You can edit the tax name and add more taxes to an item from the Tax Settings page.

    For more information on tax settings, refer to Tax Settings.

  6. Click the Save button. The tax value for the total quantity of items is edited.

Approach B

For more information on editing the tax value of a particular item, refer to Adding Items to a Category and Editing Items.

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