How Do I Set the Quote Expiration Date?

The default expiration date helps keep you on top of expiring quotes, and allows you to follow up on quotes from the dashboard. The expiration date is typically selected during Initial Setup. If you want to select a different expiration date after the Initial Setup, it can be done in Settings tab.

Note: The default expiration date can be reset at any time, and it does not mean your quotes disappear after they expire. It just serves as a reminder so you can follow up on your sales funnel.

To set the default expiration date:

  1. Click the Quote Expiration Date icon on the Action Bar and under Settings, select General Settings.

  2. In the Settings page, under the General section, enter the default expiration date (days) in the Default Expiration (Days) field.


    Note: The default expiration date can only be set in numerical days. Entries such as “Two Weeks” or “12 working days” are invalid.

  3. Click the Save button.

    The default expiration date is now set.


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