Tax Settings

Taxes that needs to be applied to an item can be set from Tax Settings page. A maximum of five taxes can be applied to an item. The name of the taxes and the value can be changed for each item while adding it to category.

Note: Taxes value can only be changed while creating/editing quotes

To set the tax:

  1. In the left Navigational Column, click the Products tab and then click Tax Settings.

  2. In the Tax Settings page, under the Taxes section, set the name and value of taxes.

    Tax Settings

    Note:A maximum of 5 taxes can be applied to an item.

  3. Click Save to save the tax settings changes.

    The taxes name and value is set.

  4. Click Save & Apply to save and apply the tax values.

    Click the Reset to reset the tax values.

Note: The taxes can be applied while adding items in categories.

Note: The Save option just saves the changes made to the tax values that can be later applied to new items, whereas the Save & Apply option saves and applies the changed tax values to the existing items.

For more information on adding items in categories, refer to Adding Items in Categories

Important: Taxes can be enabled and disabled from a quote template.The Tax check box in the quote template page cannot be unchecked (disabled) after the template is being used by a quote which has taxes applied to it. Also, if a tax is disabled in a quote template, you will be unable to change the tax value in a quote.

For more information on changing taxes in a quote and disable tax from a quote, refer to How Do I Edit Taxes Value? and How to Enable/Disable a Quote Template?

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