General Settings

General Settings are first recorded during the Initial Setup of InTimeCRM. The screenshot below explains various general settings that can be adjusted in InTimeCRM.

    In the Action Bar, click the General Settings icon and under Company, select General Settings.

Follow the steps given in the image below.

General Settings

Warning: Adjusting General Settings may drastically affect the output in InTimeCRM. InTimeCRM does not automatically convert settings like currency, quote ID and default expiration. Old quotes may not update real time.

For more information on setting Currency, Timezone, Quote ID format, Quote ID logo, and Expiration date, refer to Frequently Asked Questions

When you send a sales quote, the account address will show up in the quote PDF.


You may notice in the image above, the company name appears in both the logo, and the address. The company name field is optional if you prefer to use the name in the logo only.

Initial Setup

Setting Email Template for Quotes

Setting Email Template for Invoices

User Settings

Frequently Asked Questions