Terms of Service


Terms of Service


The following document is an agreement for use of InTimeCRM products and services. We (“InTimeCRM”, “we”, “us”, “our” collectively) use the following terms and conditions to govern use of the InTimeCRM software, website, and all related materials.

Please read this document carefully before accessing or using any of our services. By accessing or using our services, you become bound by all terms, policies, and conditions listed in this agreement. If you don’t agree to “all” terms and conditions in this agreement, you cannot use InTimeCRM services.

InTimeCRM services are offered only to individuals considered adults in the state or providence they reside in. You must be a legal adult in your location to use the services provided.

Definition of ‘Subscriber’, ‘User’, and ‘Quote Recipient’

Subscriber: A subscriber of InTimeCRM pays for the quoting service.

User: A user of InTimeCRM uses the quoting service. Users include InTimeCRM trial customers.

Quote Recipient: Quote recipients are the customers of the subscriber/users.



As soon as a trial membership or subscription to InTimeCRM begins, the term of this agreement begins. InTimeCRM reserves the right to change or modify any terms applicable to the services, at any time. If you do not accept the new terms, you must stop using InTimeCRM.


Your Account

You are responsible for all activities related to your account. You are responsible for ensuring your account is used in a lawful manner, and any unlawful use of InTimeCRM is strictly prohibited. You must notify InTimeCRM of any fraudulent or unauthorized activity immediately. InTimeCRM will not be held responsible for any illegal activity performed by the subscriber, customers, or subsequent users knowingly or unknowingly.

InTimeCRM must have your legal name, company name, and a valid email address in order to provide service.


Your Login

Your login allows for 1 user per login. To add more users, please look at the subscription options, and choose the most fitting option for your company. InTimeCRM is not responsible if your login information is stolen or misused.


Your Passwords

Your passwords belong to you. InTimeCRM does not retrieve existing passwords if you forget them. However, InTimeCRM can reset your password if you forget it. If you are experiencing trouble with your passwords, please contact support@InTimeCRM.com for assistance.


Transmitting Viruses/Malicious Code

Uploading any kind of virus, malware, spyware, adware, or malicious code or program is strictly prohibited. If InTimeCRM suspects you of anything suspicious, we may terminate your account without notice.


Our Rights to Suspend/Terminate Your Account

If InTimeCRM suspects fraudulent or malicious activity, we reserve the right to hold, restrict, or terminate your account without notice.


Service Plan and Pricing:

InTimeCRM offers a 30 days free trial to let you assess the suitability of the application for your requirements. After completion of the trial period, you can select the plan from http://www.intimecrm.com/pricing that best suit your requirements.



The InTimeCRM is available to answer support questions via website and email. As a customer, we are looking for your input to make the software better. Please feel free to share more at support@InTimeCRM.com.


Copyright & Subscriber Data Ownership:

All content published through InTimeCRM service including visual design, concepts, and code are protected under copyright, and may not be used without explicit written permission from InTimeCRM for any purpose other than intended.


Changes to the Service/Billing/Pricing:

InTimeCRM provides free trial subscription for 30 days. At that time, you will learn more about the different service and pricing structures, and be able to select the service most fitting to you after your trial subscription is complete.


General Representation & Warranty, and Liability:

There is no warranty for using InTimeCRM. By being a customer, you accept sole responsibility for any consequences that result from using the product. This includes the application, and any data you save in the application. InTimeCRM will not be held responsible for any result of direct or indirect use of the application.


Service Availability:

InTimeCRM aim to keep our applications online 24x7 throughout 365 days. We will do our best to ensure you get uninterrupted service during deployment of bug fixes and new features. However, from time to time InTimeCRM applications can be down for upgrades, maintenance, and updates. We will make an effort to notify you for scheduled maintenance beforehand if possible. Please reach out if any issues arise that may affect your access.



The subscriber defends, indemnifies, and holds us harmless from and against any and all claims and expenses as a result from the service, or violation of the agreement.


Questions or Comments:

Should there be any questions about the agreement, please contact InTimeCRM. We can be reached at:


+1 (208) 780-5249

+1 (208) 258-2424

+91 (141) 402-7370